ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA is a captivating underdog story, where truth is wilder than fiction. Isaac, a former brick-maker in Uganda, decides to pick up a camera and start shooting his own ‘80s inspired action epics, and Alan, a film fanatic from New York trades his life in America to join forces with Isaac after seeing a trailer for one of his films online. 
Against all odds, the two unlikely friends have catapulted Wakaliwood to worldwide stardom with their own gonzo action movies bringing joy to millions of people across the internet and in theaters around the world.
Grand Jury Prize - 2021 DOC NYC 
Grand Jury Prize - 2022 Florida Film Festival
Young Jurors Best Documentary Prize - 2022 Pordenone Doc Festival


Director: Cathryne Czubek
Writers: Cathryne Czubek & Amanda Hughes
Producers: Gigi Dement, Cathryne Czubek, Hugo Perez, Matt Porwoll, Kyaligamba Ark Martin
Cinematographer: Matt Porwoll
Composer: Andrew Hollander
Music Supervisors: Julia Haltigan and Alexandra Allen
Editors: Cathryne Czubek & Amanda Hughes
Sound Recordist: Nikola Chapelle
VFX: Rick Plautz
Sound Design: Bill Chesley
Re-record Mix: Paul Furedi​​​​​​​
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